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Timpani and Snare Drum-Method including Orchestral Studies by Prof. Franz Krüger for Timpani, Snaredrum, Xylophone and Glockenspiel

Franz Krüger was the first and solo timpanist with the State Opera Berlin as well as profsessor at the Staatlich Akademische Hochschule für Musik (State Academic College of Music, today Unversity of Arts) in Berlin from 1921 since 1940.

Some of his wellknown students:
Gerassimos Avgerinos - Solopauker Berliner Philharmoniker
Walter Bender - Schlagzeuger Deutsche Staatsoper Berlin
Kurt Engel - Solopauker RSO Berlin
Friedemann Habner - Solopauker Städtische (später Deutsche) Oper Berlin
Hans Hansen - Schlagzeuger/Pauker Berliner Philharmoniker
Fritz Reuter - Schlagzeuger RSO Berlin
Kurt Schiementz - Solopauker RSO Berlin
Rudi Schreiber - Schlagzeuger Komische Oper Berlin
Kurt Ulrich - Schlagzeuger Berliner Philharmoniker
Kurt Zerbe - Schlagzeuger Städtische Oper Berlin... and much more

In 1942 his former student Kurt Ulrich made up a compilation of his study materials for Timpani and Snaredrum with a collection of orchestral studies as well as practical exercises for timpani and snare drum. This was a way to pay tribute to his teacher.

So, the Timpani and Snare Drum-Method by Prof. Franz Krüger accompanied several generations of timpani students. The exercises by Franz Krüger are very estimable until today in there combination of musicality and typically orchestral demands. His famous étude No.45 for timpani shows exemplary the standing of his excercises until today. This étude is already one of the main pieces for examinations in timpani.
The selection of orchestral studies in the book offers a lot of indispensable pieces for courses of study in timpani and snaredrum. Due to the abundance of materials, it was only possible to document the most important orchestral studies.

230 pages in cloth binding


2     Preface Kurt Ulrich / Kurt Schiementz
8     Introduction to the Timpani Method
13   Beginning Exercises for Timpani
27   Orchestral Studies for Timpani
162 Introduction to the Snare Drum Method
163 Beginning Exercises for Snare Drum
170 Exercises for Snare Drum
173 Exercises for Bass and Snare Drum
179 Orchestral Studies for Snare Drum
204 Introduction for the Glockenspiel and Xylophone
205 Exercises for Xylophone
206 Orchestral Studies for Xylophone
214 Orchestral Studies for Glockenspiel

ISBN 978-3-89775-159-0
EURO 98.00

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